File Copy Step Properties

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File Copy Step Properties

A File Copy step copies files and folders to target computers. (Pro or Enterprise mode required.)



Copy Type

Single File: Specifies that only one file is copied.

Folder: Allows all files in the specified folder to be copied.


Select the files/folders you need to copy.

Note: If Copy Mode is set to Pull, then UNC paths must be used. Fixed or mapped drive letters may not be used in the source path. For more information, see Copy Mode in Package Properties or in Performance Preferences.

Target Folder

Folder on the target computer where files are copied.

Overwrite Existing Files

Destination files with the same names are overwritten.

Ignore Overwrite Errors

Do not stop when overwrite errors occur.

Include Subfolders
(Folder only)

All subfolders (and their respective files) are copied.

Copy All Files
(Folder only)

When not selected, File Patterns (see below) can be specified to selectively copy desired files.

File Patterns

(Folder only)

Specify which files in a folder to copy (one entry per line).

Wildcards: * matches all characters and ? matches one character. For example, to match all shortcut files you could use *.lnk or *.url.




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