Issue Report

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Issue Report

The following window is used to submit errors to Admin Arsenal. This window will appear if you uncover a bug which needs to be fixed, encounter other problems in the product, or click Submit this issue to Admin Arsenal support from a More Info window. While it may be possible to continue using the product, if the Issue Report indicates a defect in the application, it's best to close and restart the application before continuing.

The following table describes the components of the Issue Report window.



Text box

A text box allowing you to provide information to Admin Arsenal such as: what you were doing when the error occurred, were you able to replicate the error, any troubleshooting steps you performed, and other information you feel is pertinent to the error.

Email Address

Including your email address will open a support ticket with Admin Arsenal. It is preferable to use the email address associated with your Admin Arsenal account.

IMPORTANT: If you choose not to include your email address, Admin Arsenal support cannot contact you with a workaround, fix, or ask any follow-up questions. In order to respond and assist with the issue, it is important that an email address is entered. Be assured that Admin Arsenal will not use your email address for anything else. We frequently get issue reports that we want to respond to, but without an email addresses, we are unable to.

Diagnostic details

If the diagnostic details section is not already expanded and displayed, the link View all the diagnostic details being sent will display. This information is used by Support to help properly diagnose the error.

Send Report

Sends the report with the diagnostic information to Admin Arsenal Support.

NOTE: To ensure the best quality product, please be sure to include all pertinent information, including your email address so we can fix the issue as soon as possible. We frequently get issue reports that we want to respond to, but we don't have an email address.

Don't Send Report

Closes the Issue Report window and does not send information to Support.




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