PDQ Inventory

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PDQ Inventory

PDQ Inventory scans your network computers and collects hardware, software, and Windows configurations. You can view the collected data directly in PDQ Inventory or you can generate inventory reports. PDQ Inventory also provides valuable features such as booting machines from Wake-On LAN, executing commands and remote desktop on target machines, uninstalling software, and collecting vendor product keys for Windows, MS Office, MS Project, Visio, and AutoDesk.

NOTE: For a complete listing of PDQ Inventory features, see http://www.adminarsenal.com/pdq-inventory/compare-free-and-pro.

PDQ Inventory is a companion product to PDQ Deploy. The information PDQ Inventory collects from computers on your network is invaluable when you are trying to assess which patches and updates you need to deploy to which computers on your network. In addition to providing supplementary data, PDQ Inventory is fully integrated with PDQ Deploy. When you install PDQ Inventory, PDQ Deploy automatically provides access to Inventory features. For example, when selecting target computers for a deployment, you can select the computers from PDQ Inventory. Furthermore, you can link target lists in PDQ Deploy to collections of computers defined in PDQ Inventory. When computers are added to or removed from a PDQ Inventory Collection, the changes are reflected in the linked target list.

In addition to selecting target computers from PDQ Inventory, you can automatically launch PDQ Inventory scans after deployment and you can use PDQ Inventory to send a Wake-on-LAN command to an offline computer during deployment.

NOTE: These features require Deploy in Pro or Enterprise mode as well as PDQ Inventory version 3.1 or higher.

PDQ Inventory can be opened directly from PDQ Deploy in the Deployment Status window, All Deployments page, Deployments tab of the Package page, and the Target History tab of the Schedule window by selecting one or more computer names, right-click and select Open in PDQ Inventory. (Requires Deploy version 10 or later and PDQ Inventory version 9 or later.)

The following links provide step-by-step instructions on how to leverage PDQ Inventory features within PDQ Deploy:

Creating a Target List, Part 2: Choose Targets

Creating a Target List, Part 3: Link To (Linked Target List Elements)

Global Deployment Settings (Scanning)

Deployment Settings for Single Packages (Scanning)

Global Deployment Settings (Wake-on-LAN)




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