Print Preview Icons

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Print Preview Icons

The Print Preview toolbar contains controls for previewing reports, configuring report output, and printing or exporting report documents.

The following table provides quick reference details for each command.





Opens the Print window.

Select or find a printer, set print parameters (pages to print and number of copies), set preferences, and print.

Quick Print

Prints the entire report using current print settings.

Page Setup

Opens the Page Setup window.

Choose paper size, orientation, color or grayscale, and set margins.


Opens the Scale dialog.

Sets the size of the printed document.

Preview Scale

Zoom Out scales the document preview smaller (based on Zoom menu increments).

Zoom Menu selects the document preview size.

Zoom In scales the document preview larger (based on Zoom menu increments).

Page Navigation

First Page: Go to the first page.

Previous Page: Go to the previous page.

Next Page: Go to the next page.

Last Page: Go to the last page.


Exports the document in the file format chosen from the drop-down list. Additional options are available for each export format. For more information, see Export Formats.


Opens the Watermark window.

Add a text or picture watermark in the background or foreground, and specify which pages include the watermark.


Opens PDQ Deploy Help window for Printing and Reports.

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