Setting up Scheduled Deployments

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Setting up Scheduled Deployments

Scheduled Deployment is the method you’ll probably use for most of your deployments. PDQ Deploy schedules allow you to deploy one or more packages once at a specified time, or multiple times at specified intervals in the future. (Requires Enterprise or Pro mode.) This chapter is about creating, configuring, and managing scheduled deployments in PDQ Deploy.

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This chapter contains the following topics:

Creating Scheduled Deployments

Part 1: Creating a New Schedule

Part 2: Schedule Trigger and Settings

Part 3: Schedule Targets

Part 4: Schedule Deployment Settings

Part 5: Completing the Schedule

Creating Auto Deployments

Default Auto Deployment Settings in Preferences

Scheduling an Auto Deployment

Editing and Adding Steps to an Auto Deployment

Auto Deployment Properties

Starting a PDQ Deploy Schedule from the CLI

Managing Schedules

Duplicating Schedules

Exporting and Importing Schedules

Editing Schedules






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