Windows Active Directory

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Windows Active Directory

PDQ Deploy integrates with Windows Active Directory (AD) so you can select target computers for deployment from AD domains. You can also link a target list in PDQ Deploy to an AD container or group so that when computers are added to or removed from the container or group in AD, the changes are reflected in the linked target list.

NOTE: The containers from which PDQ Deploy pulls computers are Organizational Units (OU's) and Security Groups.

PDQ Deploy automatically integrates with AD; no additional configuration is required. PDQ Deploy uses the credentials of the administrator currently logged into the PDQ Deploy console to access AD. Therefore, it can access only the domains to which the current administrator has access. The default domain is the domain in which the PDQ Deploy console resides.

The following links provide step-by-step instructions on how to leverage AD within PDQ Deploy:

Creating a Target List, Part 2: Choose Targets

Creating a Target List, Part 3: Link To (Linked Target List Elements)




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