Auto Download Preferences Page

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Auto Download Preferences Page

The Auto Download settings control the auto download of packages from the Package Library.

To access the Auto Download settings page, click Options > Preferences (or press Ctrl+Comma) and select Auto Download in the Preferences window.



Auto Download

The Auto Download feature automatically downloads new versions of applications as they become available in the PDQ Deploy Package Library.

The following settings define the default Approval policy for new Auto Download packages.

These settings may be overridden at the Package level.

IMPORTANT: Auto Download requires Enterprise mode.

NOTE: While using Central Server, if the Server console is not connected to the Internet, the download will timeout after 10 minutes; however, a Client console will then download the updated package on behalf of the Server.



New package versions require manual approval.


New package versions are immediately approved.


Sets the interval in days and hours after which new versions are automatically approved.

This is enabled by default with a setting of 7 days.

Save Copies of Previous Versions

Once selected, an Auto Download Archive Folder is created. Each time a package receives an automatic update, the previous version of the package is converted to a Standard package and stored in this folder. This ensures that you can still deploy these packages and retain all extra steps and settings for that package.


Copies to Keep

Sets the number of previous versions of packages you wish to retain.




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