Background Service

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Background Service

The PDQ Deploy background service, PDQDeploy, is a Windows service that processes all schedules and deployments. By default, PDQDeploy starts when you boot the computer where the PDQ Deploy console is installed. If using the Central Server, the Background Service is not available in Client mode.

IMPORTANT: If the background service isn't running, all deployments are queued until the service is restarted. If the background service doesn't have proper credentials, the console itself will not run and command line tools will not run either.

NOTE: If you are using a Proxy Server, by default, PDQ Deploy uses the proxy settings of the PDQDeploy background service user. If your organization uses a Group Policy Object (GPO) to push proxy information and the PDQDeploy background service runs under a service account, you will need to configure the Proxy Server settings so the PDQDeploy background service user can access the proxy server to process schedules and deployments.

To access the Background Service settings page, click Options > Background Service.




Displays the current status of the background service.


Open Services.msc

Opens the Services window, Microsoft Management Console (MMC), where the service can be stopped and started manually.


In Local Mode or Server Mode, this stops and starts the background service, PDQDeploy, and restarts the console.

NOTE: You can restart PDQDeploy via an elevated command prompt (cmd.exe run as Administrator) using either NET STOP PDQDeploy or PDQDeploy BackgroundService -Stop followed by either NET START PDQDeploy or PDQDeploy BackgroundService -Start.


Lists the Windows credentials used to run the background service, PDQDeploy. You initially define this account when you install PDQ Deploy.

To change the credentials used to run PDQDeploy:

1.Click Change.

2.Click Add Credentials.

3.Enter the domain name, username and password of a Windows account that has administrator rights on the console computer. This account needs to have the Log On as a Service privilege (see below). If this privilege is not already granted for the specified credentials, then PDQ Deploy attempts to grant it. Make sure that any GPOs used in your organization do not remove this privilege.

NOTE: You do not have to specify a domain for a local account. If you choose not to run the background service as a domain administrator, either leave the domain field blank or enter a period.

4.(Optional) Provide a description to help you identify the credentials in the menu.


Log On As a Service Privilege

The Windows Log On As a Service privilege is required for user accounts that are used to run Windows services.

PDQ Deploy uses two Windows services: PDQDeploy (i.e. the Background Service) and the Target Service, PDQDeployRunner-n (e.g. PDQDeployRunner-1).

The Log On As a Service privilege is not granted automatically to any users, including administrators. PDQ Deploy attempts to grant this privilege when it is needed. Generally this is successful; however, some environments may explicitly deny the Log On As a Service privilege to all users. In these cases, you need to create an exception (usually via Group Policy) for the credentials that are used to run the PDQDeploy and PDQDeployRunner-n services.




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