Console Users

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Console Users

The Console Users specify the users that can access the PDQ console. Users must be added as Console Users instead of simply having local administrative privileges. This is especially important for those using Central Server or connecting to the console via command line interface (CLI) to use PDQ Deploy. (Central Server requires Servers and Clients have the same license running in Enterprise mode.)

When using Central Server in Server Mode, all Client Mode console users that will connect to the server (background service) must be added as Console Users on the server. Concurrent connections to the Central Server cannot exceed the quantity of PDQ Deploy licenses. The concurrent sessions are displayed in the Active Sessions tab. For more information on configuring the Central Server, click here. For more information on concurrent sessions, click here.

To access the Console Users settings page, click Options > Console Users.



Console Users

This tab displays the list of all users granted access to the console.

VIDEO: Adding Console Users to PDQ Deploy

IMPORTANT: The number of console users should not exceed the quantity of PDQ Deploy licenses.

NOTE: From an elevated command prompt (cmd.exe run as Administrator), you can view or modify Console Users with the PDQDeploy ConsoleUsers command.



Opens the Add PDQ Deploy Console User window which allows you to grant users and/or groups access to the console.

NOTE: If the background service is running as a local user rather than a domain administrator, only local users can be added.


Deletes the selected console user(s).


Repairs any security identifiers.

NOTE: The repair must be initiated by the background service user on the console running in Server mode.

Active Sessions



Concurrent Sessions

The number of active sessions from the PDQ console or Command Line Interface (CLI) to the background service. This number updates in real time.

Licensed Administrators

The number of licensed administrators. The number of concurrent sessions cannot exceed the number of licensed administrators.

NOTE: You will receive a 'Concurrent sessions exceeded the licenses limit,' if the active number of sessions exceeds the number of licenses that exist for the account. To resolve this notice, you will need to purchase the correct number of licenses for the number of admins using the software. Concurrent sessions in excess of the licensed amount will prevent new sessions.

Console User

The name of the user that is connected to the background service.

Computer Name

The name of the computer that is connected to the background service.


The type of connection: Console, CLI, or Console & CLI.

Purchase More Licenses

Opens the Purchase License page of where you can purchase more licenses if your concurrent sessions are exceeding the number of administrators that are licensed.




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