Deployment Overview

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Deployment Overview

A deployment is the process of deploying one or more packages to one or more target computers. Deployments can install, uninstall, update, repair, and make many other types of changes across your network.

PDQ Deploy can deploy packages in the following ways:

Immediately with Deploy Once.

In the future or at specified intervals with Schedules.

To offline target computers using Heartbeat schedules, the Retry Queue, or Wake-on-LAN.

With updated packages directly from the Package Library using Auto Deployment schedules.

Via Command Line (cmd.exe) using PDQDeploy.exe.

This chapter provides an overview of the PDQ Deploy deployment process, types of deployments, and the major components of deployments:

The Deployment Process

Starting a Deployment

During and After Deployment

Types of Deployments

Manual Deployments

Scheduled Deployments

Other Options

Components of Deployments


Deploy Once


Target List

Deployment Status




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