Handling Offline Target Computers for Deployments

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Handling Offline Target Computers for Deployments

There are several PDQ Deploy features that you can use to handle deployments to target computers that are offline:

Heartbeat schedules: A PDQ Deploy schedule trigger that deploys packages to target computers when they come online. (This feature requires Enterprise mode for both PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory.)

Retry Queue: Target computers that are offline during a deployment can be automatically placed in the Retry Queue. (Requires Enterprise mode.) PDQ Deploy retries deployments to computers in the queue according to your settings.

Wake-on-LAN: You can use Wake-on-LAN (WOL) to start up offline target computers before deployments. (Requires PDQ Deploy in Enterprise mode and PDQ Inventory.)

This chapter contains the following topics:

Deploying When Target Computers Come Online with Heartbeat Schedules

PDQ Inventory Heartbeat Timing

Scheduling A Heartbeat Deployment

Handling Offline Targets Using the Retry Queue and Wake-on-LAN

Default Offline Settings in Preferences

Using the Retry Queue for Offline Computers

Using Wake-on-LAN for Offline Computers




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