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PDQ Deploy offers the following licensing options: Enterprise and Free.

PDQ Deploy Enterprise licenses are based on the number of system administrator users of the software, not the number of computers managed. You need one license for each administrator using PDQ Deploy. Period.

PDQ Deploy Enterprise licenses give users a 12-month subscription to product updates and support. To continue to receive updates and support, users must maintain a current subscription.

To purchase a license and start your subscription, visit our website at:

Subscription Overview

The following sections review some of the benefits of maintaining a current PDQ Deploy subscription:

Package Library

Enterprise subscriptions provide access to additional packages in the Package Library. The Package Library contains common free applications and updates that are ready to download and deploy from within PDQ Deploy. PDQ keeps the packages up-to-date and tests all packages to ensure they install silently.

It is important to remember that access to Enterprise level packages require a current subscription. Access to all package library updates require that the product version and subscription stay current.

Free product Upgrades

When using PDQ Deploy with a current Enterprise level subscription, all upgrades to PDQ Deploy are available for free. You can set up auto update checks in the Preferences menu or sign up for email notifications.

It is important to remember that upgrade protection is valid only for versions released within the subscription period. Access to current upgrades, that include Enterprise level features, require that the product version and subscription stay current.

Subscription Validation

When you launch PDQ Deploy, it uses your license key to validate your subscription, then gives you access to the corresponding product features.

Additionally, for support, you must activate each license by providing an email address. For example, if you have ten Enterprise licenses, those licenses must be associated with ten email addresses on your Customer page (login at

PDQ Deploy Licensing Mode Comparison

The following table describes and explains the PDQ Deploy licensing modes.

For all the details about licensing PDQ Deploy, see our End User License Agreement (EULA).

License Mode




The Enterprise mode license includes all features of PDQ Deploy.

Each Enterprise mode license is a subscription license.  Access to product updates, Package Library updates and support require a current subscription.

License: The Enterprise license mode unlocks all of PDQ Deploy’s features including, multi-user capability with Central Server, Auto Download of Library packages when they are updated, scheduled deployments, and the deployment Retry Queue. Enterprise users also receive priority email support.

Package Library: Includes access to all packages in the Package Library, including old versions of packages.


The free mode allows unlimited use of a subset of PDQ Deploy features.

PDQ Deploy can be used for free in commercial and non-commercial environments. There is no time limit, nor is there a limit to the number of target computers that can be managed.

License: No license or subscription is required. PDQ Deploy free mode is 100% free to use in any setting (commercial, government, or education). PDQ Deploy can be redistributed so you can share the software; however, you may not bundle PDQ Deploy inside other applications nor can it be rebranded or decompiled. This license unlocks all PDQ Deploy's features.

Package Library: Free mode includes access to only the Free-level packages in the Package Library.

Upgrade: You can upgrade a free installation of PDQ Deploy to Enterprise mode at any time by purchasing a license key or by registering for an Enterprise Trial.1

1.The Enterprise Trial mode is a free, 14-day, fully-functional Enterprise mode trial license. It also includes trial access to any three Enterprise mode packages. In Free mode, click on Start Trial in the toolbar, or sign up online at




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