Logging Preferences Page

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Logging Preferences Page

The Logging settings designate which events PDQ Deploy logs to the Windows Application Event log (eventvwr).

To access the Logging settings page, click Options > Preferences (or press Ctrl+Comma) and select Logging in the Preferences window.



Send anonymous exception data to PDQ.com

Allows you to opt-in or opt-out of sending anonymous exception/diagnostic data to PDQ.com to improve the products, identify trends, and ideally fix bugs before they ever reach you.

The only time PDQ.com will receive exception/diagnostic data that is not anonymous is when the Submit a Support Ticket window is used to create a support ticket with us. Prior to submitting a ticket, the diagnostic details being sent are available in that window for review.

IMPORTANT: Any information that could be used for identification will be anonymous including, but not limited to, IP addresses, MAC addresses, domains, computer names, hostnames, and user names. Passwords are not included in any data sent to PDQ.com. For more information on how PDQ.com encrypts passwords, see Credentials.

Application Event Log




Logs events that indicate a significant problem the PDQ Deploy administrator should act on; usually a loss of functionality or data. This is enabled by default.


Logs events that indicate a potential problem. This is enabled by default.


Logs events that indicate a significant, successful operation. This is enabled by default.


Logs events that are used for troubleshooting.

IMPORTANT: Debug events should be enabled only as directed by PDQ Support.

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