Scan Step Properties

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Scan Step Properties

A Scan step initiates an inventory scan in PDQ Inventory to determine information on the target computers based on the scan profile selected. The target computers must already be in PDQ Inventory with names or hostnames that match the names used in PDQ Deploy. (Requires PDQ Inventory version or later and Enterprise mode in both products. Both products will need to be installed on the same console with both running in either Server mode or Client mode.)

This feature can be very helpful when using the PDQ Inventory Collection condition or using a PDQ Inventory collection as a target source. A scan can ensure that the target computers are up-to-date for the remainder of the steps in the package.

NOTE: The scan triggered from a Scan step will have priority over any other current or pending scans in PDQ Inventory and will go to the top of the queue.

VIDEO: Introducing the Scan Step

Introducing the Scan Step

SCAN Properties



Scan Profile

The Scan profile used for the scan. You can choose to scan with any Scan Profile that has been configured in PDQ Inventory. The default Scan Profile is defined in PDQ Inventory in Preferences > Scan Profiles. It is common to use either the Applications or Standard scan profiles.

NOTE: If the Scan Profile has been deleted from PDQ Inventory, the scan will fail. It will not revert to another scan profile by default.

Scan Timeout

Specifies how many minutes PDQ Deploy will wait for the scan to run before being timed out by the server. You can use the default setting from PDQ Inventory or overwrite it with a custom value.

The default value from PDQ Inventory is 10 minutes.




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