Starting a PDQ Deploy Schedule from the CLI

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Starting a PDQ Deploy Schedule from the CLI

You can also initiate a deployment using a previously defined PDQ Deploy Schedule with the Command Line Interface (CLI) and the PDQDeploy StartSchedule <schedule ID> command. To do so, you need to know the Schedule ID of the schedule you want to run.

The example shown below kicks off a schedule for Google Chrome Enterprise using the following command:

To start a schedule using the CLI:

1.Run cmd.exe as Administrator.

2.(Optional) To view the options available for PDQ Deploy using the CLI, use the following:

PDQDeploy Help

3.To run a schedule in the case below for Schedule ID 2, use the following command:

PDQDeploy StartSchedule 2

For more information about using the CLI with PDQ Deploy, see Deploying a Package with the Command Line Interface.




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