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Target Filters Preferences Page

Target filters allow you to set up global rules to manage which computers each PDQ Deploy console may deploy to. Target filters allow you to include or exclude target computers in deployments executed from a given console. In enterprise environments with multiple PDQ Deploy administrators, target filters are an effective way to distribute administration. For information on defining target filters, see Filtering Target Computers.

IMPORTANT: Target Filters are available only in Enterprise modes.

Video: Deployment Target Filters (Inclusions and Exclusions)

To access the Target Filters settings page, click Options > Preferences (or press Ctrl+Comma) and select Target Filters in the Preferences window.




These filters prevent deployment to any computer that matches the listed filters. For example, if you have a filter for the Host Name HQDC-1, then any deployment to a Host Name called HQDC-1 is not attempted. (Wildcards may also be used, such as HQDC*.)


Add Filter

Allows you to add a new filter.


These filters prevent deployment to any computer that doesn't match any of the listed filters.

NOTE: Inclusion Filters are usually unnecessary. If an Inclusion Filter exists for a computer name “Trixie”, then only computers that are named trixie can receive a deployment. It is more common to use Exclusion Filters to prevent accidental deployments to important computers such as domain controllers, SQL servers, etc.


Add Filter

Allows you to add a new filter

Order of Operation

When PDQ Deploy processes a deployment for a target, it first checks if there are any inclusion filters. If there are, but none of the filters match the computer, then the deployment is blocked to that computer.

Next the exclusion filters are checked, and if there is a match, then deployment is blocked to that computer. Otherwise, the deployment is processed as normal.

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