Target Service Preferences Page

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Target Service Preferences Page

WARNING: This is an advanced setting. Changing the default setting should be unnecessary in almost every circumstance. This setting should be changed only if your environment has policies against using the ADMIN$ share on target computers.

The Target Service settings define where the Target Service, PDQDeployRunner-n (e.g. PDQDeployRunner-1), performs deployments on target computers.

IMPORTANT: Enterprise mode is required to change this setting.

To access the Target Service settings page, click Options > Preferences (or press Ctrl+Comma) and select Target Service in the Preferences window.



UNC Path

The UNC file path to the directory where deployments are staged and executed.

The default directory is ADMIN$\AdminArsenal.

The actual directory used for the deployments will be a child of this directory, such as ADMIN$\AdminArsenal\PDQDeployRunner\1\.

The deployment subdirectory varies depending on factors such as the number of other deployments running concurrently.

The directory can be changed to any public share, though the most common are ADMIN$ and C$ which are enabled by default on most computers.

IMPORTANT: The directory must be on a share that is accessible to all deployment credentials (i.e. the administrator credentials used to deploy to a given domain or local computer). Additionally, the share name must already exist on the target computer. For example, the default directory requires that \\[target computer name]\ADMIN$ exists on the target computer. PDQ Deploy creates sub directories as needed.

TIP: Some anti-virus software allows excluding this directory from scanning which can help with performance and file sharing issues which can crop up.

Local Path of Shared Directory

If the Directory value does not begin with a standard Windows share such as ADMIN$ or C$, then a physical path to the shared directory must be entered.

We recommend using the default setting.

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