Tree and Page Icons

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Tree and Page Icons

The tree contains all of the packages, deployments, schedules, target lists, and custom folders in your PDQ Deploy system. You can also access the PDQ Deploy Package Library from the tree.

Select an item in the tree to display its details in the page view on the right. You can organize the tree by moving folders or creating custom folders for packages and target lists. While using Central Server, organization of the tree is on a per user basis.

general tree and page icons

The following table provides a description for each general element in the tree.




Welcome to PDQ Deploy

Includes links to get you started with packages, to help and documentation resources, and to follow Admin Arsenal on social networking.

All Deployments

Lists all deployments in your system.

All Schedules

Lists all schedules in your system.

Retry Queue

Displays the list of computers waiting for packages to be redeployed. (Enterprise license mode required.) Only computers that failed due to being offline will be placed in the Retry Queue.

Auto Download Packages

Displays PDQ Deploy packages that are configured for Auto Download. If the package has been edited, the pencil will display over the icon. (Enterprise mode required.)

Package Library

Displays the ready-to-deploy packages created by If you expand the Package Library, you can view packages by Categories or Vendors. The specific packages that you can download and deploy from the Package Library depends on your license mode.



You can create custom folders for organizing packages, target lists, and other folders.
Drag and drop to move folders in the tree.

Note: The default folder is named Packages. If this folder is deleted or renamed, the imported packages will be stored in the top level of the tree.

Private Packages

This folder is automatically added while using Central Server. Packages, target lists, and other folders created or copied into this folder cannot be seen by other users of the Central Server.

Note: Reverting a console to Local mode will convert this folder to a regular folder appended with the console user's name.


Displays any Standard package that is not auto downloading. Select a package to view its details, like associated deployments, schedules, and more. Packages can be dragged and dropped onto target lists to create a deployment (and vice versa).

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