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Variables provide a universal shortcut to system information, install parameters, text, or any other set of predefined information. The following areas in PDQ Deploy expand variables:

Command Step: Command, Additional File

Package Step: Parameters, Install File, Additional Files

Reboot Step: Message

Post Deployment Notification: Email Subject and Body

Post Schedule Notification: Email Subject and Body

IMPORTANT: Variables may be used only in Enterprise mode.

To access the Variables settings page, click Options > Variables.




You can create, delete, and modify custom variables in the Custom tab.

Custom Variables can be referenced using the @(...) convention.

NOTE: You can use whatever naming convention you wish within the parenthesis. You do not need to follow the naming conventions that are used for System Variables.


The list of predefined system variables available for use in PDQ Deploy. These variables are maintained by PDQ and cannot be changed, they are constantly updated and will have occasional name changes.

System Variables cannot be modified but can be referenced using the $(...) convention.

NOTE: The $(Repository) system variable may be modified in the Repository setting.




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