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A deployment in PDQ Deploy is the process of installing a single Package on one or more target computers.

Visit this page for detailed information on how PDQ Deploy performs a deployment.

Starting a Deployment



Manually Deploy Package

Select a package and use the Deploy... button (choose Deploy Once)

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop a Package onto a Target List or vice versa.


Redeploys an existing deployment, you will be given the option to change the deployment options.

Redeploy to Failed Computers

Same as a normal redeploy, except that successful computers won't be added to the target list.

Automatically with a Schedule

Starts the deployment of a package which was Scheduled.

Retry Queue

Automatically retry deployments to computers that were offline during original deployment

Once you start a deployment you can see its status in the Deployment Status. At any time during a deployment you can abort one or more of the pending targets or retry computers that failed. If any computer fails, you will be given more detail on the failure and possible solutions by clicking on the More Info link or clicking the Steps link to see any output logs that were created. (Output logs will not always be generated depending on what action is being performed).

Past Deployments

Past deployments are kept in the database until they are deleted or automatically cleaned up. The cleanup interval is set to 30 days be default.

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