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Files Page

Shows file information from the Files scanner, which is custom configured in the File Scanner Settings for a particular scan profile. PDQ Inventory comes by default with a prebuilt scan profile called Windows EXEs that scans for all .EXE files in the Windows\System32 directory. (Pro or Enterprise mode required to view this page.)

You can delete the results of a file scan by selecting the files to be deleted and press Del (or right-click and select Delete Scan Result(s)). This does not delete the actual file nor does it delete the scan profile used to scan the data. Initiating another scan with the same scan profile will undo this action.

You can open the folder where a file resides, by selecting the file and pressing Ctrl+O (or right-click and selecting Open in File Explorer).

To show, hide, and move columns, click the Customize this grid button (upper left corner) or right-click the column header and select Edit Columns.




The name of the file.


The location of the file.


The size of the file.


The name of the product associated with the file, if available.

File Version

The version number of the file, if available.

Product Version

The version number of the product, if available.

Other Version

Additional version (File or Product) that may be used by a vendor. Sometimes a vendor uses a different file header field to store version information.

Company Name

The name of the company, if available.


The comments about the file, if available.


The description of the file, if available.

Date Created

The creation date and time of the file.

Date Modified

The modification date and time of the file.

Date Accessed

The date and time the file was last accessed.

Last Successful Scan

The date and time the file was last scanned successfully.

Scan Profile(s)

Displays the Scan Profile name of each Scan Profile that retrieved the data.




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