Scan Profiles Preferences Page

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Scan Profiles Preferences Page

This page controls the Scan Profiles that have been created to scan computers in your PDQ Inventory database. Scan profiles consist of one or more scanners that are used by PDQ Inventory to scan for specific information on one, many, or all computers in the network. The use of different scan profiles may result in faster scanning since individual profiles can be configured to collect specific limited information. The inverse may also be true, especially in the case of file and registry scanning, where broader search criteria could result in significantly longer scan times. (Pro or Enterprise mode is required to configure Scan Profiles as well as use any scan profile other than Standard).

To access the Scan Profiles settings, click File > Preferences (or press Ctrl+Comma) and select Scan Profiles in the Preferences window.

Adding or editing a scan profile opens the Scan Profile Window.



Scan Profiles grid

This grid displays all Scan Profiles that have been configured.


Profile Name

The name of the Scan Profile. This is the name that will be displayed in all Scan menus.


The description of the Scan Profile. This field is only visible in the preferences window and will not be displayed on any scan menu.


The trigger that will start an automatic scan using that scan profile. Triggers can be scheduled to run automatically by scan age and/or by a schedule trigger.

For a demonstration of scheduling a scan, see the following video.

Video: Scheduling Scans in PDQ Inventory


The default scan profile will be indicated with a green check mark. This scan profile will be pinned to the top of all Scan menus and will be the default profile run when new computers are added to the database.


Opens the Scan Profile window for the selected scan profile. For details on this window, see Editing Scan Profiles.

NOTE: PDQ Inventory comes with a number of Prebuilt Scan Profiles that can be edited to fit your needs.


Opens the Scan Profile window for the creation of a new scan profile. For details on this window, see Creating a New Scan Profile.

Set Default

Sets the selected scan profile as default. Only one profile can be selected as default. For details, see Default Scan Profile.


Deletes the selected scan profile. Confirm the deletion by clicking OK.




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