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Agent Page

The page of the Computer window that displays the Agent status. The Agent is an optional service installed on computers in the PDQ Inventory database that can be used to perform tasks, such as scanning, that would normally require a direct connection and use of the normal PDQ Inventory service. (The Agent requires Enterprise mode running Central Server.)

When the PDQ Inventory console running in Server mode is upgraded to a new version of PDQ Inventory, the Agent computers will also upgrade. Agents with direct connections to the server will use the Agent installer on the server, but Agents outside the network will download a new installer from servers.

PDQ Inventory also has collections in the Collection Library to view the Agent in its various statuses. On the Main Console, expand the Collection Library > Applications > Utilities > PDQ > PDQ Agent.

IMPORTANT: Non-trivial communication between the Agent and PDQ Inventory is encrypted using industry-standard AES and RSA 4096. Trivial data such as the initial handshake, version numbers, and the upgrade installer file binary are not encrypted.

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Field or Column



Install/Reinstall Agent

Launches the installer, either for the first time or to reinstall. (Requires Enterprise mode running Central Server.) For instructions, see Installing the Agent.

Manual Install File

Exports the Agent Config file that is specific to this computer. This file is required to manually install the Agent on computers outside the network that have not been scanned.

The Config file and the Agent Installer need to be copied to the target computer. The Agent can be installed by either launching the installer next to the configuration file, or manually with PowerShell or CMD. For instructions, see Installing the Agent, Installing the Agent with PowerShell or CLI, or Reconfiguring the Agent.

NOTE: The Agent will not operate until this configuration is installed.


The status of the Agent: Internal, External, Unavailable, or Not Installed.

Internal: The Agent is able to reach the Central Server through your network.

External: The Agent is able to reach through Internet access, but unable to reach your network to reach the Central Server.

Unavailable: The Agent is unable to reach either the Central Server or

Not Installed: The Agent is not installed on the computer.

NOTE: While the Agent is External, certain features such as Remote Commands and the ability to view the Processes and Services pages of the Computer window are unavailable.


Displays the version of the Agent on the selected computer.

NOTE: The Agent updates with the PDQ Inventory console; this number should always match the version of PDQ Inventory that is installed.

Last Seen

Displays the date and time of the last Agent Heartbeat. This is scheduled every 5 minutes.

Events (tab)

This section includes a running list of recent events by Date & Time, Event, and User, including:

Agent failure-to-run errors.

User session logged on/logged off.

Computer boot/shutdown.

NOTE: The Agent may not be able to capture all shutdown events, due to the type or even the speed of the shutdown.


Date & Time

The date and time of the event.


The description of the event.


The user that initiated the event, if available.

Scans (tab)

The tab that shows all scans that have been performed on the computer by PDQ Inventory. This information is also available on the Scans page of the Computer window.



The unique scan ID number as assigned by PDQ Inventory.

Attempted Scan Date

The date and time that the scan was attempted.

Successful Scan Date

The date and time of the last successful scan.

NOTE: Scans that are pending due to the Agent will display here with a blank successful scan date. To cancel, select the scan and click Computer > Abort Scan.


The name of the scan profile.


The current status of the particular scan (if blank, the scan was successful).


How the scan was started: Manual, Schedule, AD Sync, or PDQ Deploy. (PDQ Deploy can be configured to initiate a scan after a deployment).

Scan Console

The PDQ Inventory console that initiated the scan.

Console User

The Console user that initiated the scan.

Scan User

The Scan User used to initiate the scan.

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