Adding and Scanning

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Adding and Scanning

Before you can scan your computers you must add them to the PDQ Inventory database. Computers can be added with Active Directory Auto Sync, by browsing Active Directory, with Network Discovery, or manually by Name (Enterprise mode required for Active Directory Sync and Network Discovery).

Active Directory Sync is the preferred method for adding computers in Active Directory environments (versus all other methods) because it can be configured to automatically sync on a schedule, capturing changes made in AD. It can even add new computers to your PDQ Inventory database and AD collections when they are added to Active Directory. For details, see Active Directory Collections and Active Directory in Preferences.

When any computer is added to your database, it is automatically scanned using the Default Scan Profile. Subsequent scans can be started automatically on schedules (requires Enterprise mode) or manually from the main console window or the Computer window.

Global scanning settings for offline settings, and scan data cleanup, are controlled on the Scanning page in Preferences.

This chapter covers adding computers to your database and how they are scanned:

Adding Computers

Manual Scanning

Automatic Scanning

Verifying Scan Status




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