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Network Preferences Page

Configures the network settings for Heartbeat as well as the Network Discovery Exclusions. The Heartbeat feature is the primary method used to determine if a computer is online.

To access the Network settings, click Options > Preferences (or press Ctrl+Comma) and select Network in the Preferences window.



Auto Heartbeat Enabled

Enables whether the heartbeat will be automatically sent.


Specifies the interval in seconds between heartbeats to individual computers. The default is 300 seconds.

NOTE: If you have more than 1,000 computers in your PDQ Inventory database, it is recommended you  increase the interval number to 600+ seconds.

Test Multiple Addresses in Name Resolution

Enabling this option will attempt to ping all addresses returned by DNS until one (or non) responds. Without this enabled, the Heartbeat will only attempt to ping the first address returned by DNS. However, enabling this option may result in heartbeats taking longer to complete, as more addresses will be attempted.  

NOTE: This option is especially useful if your environment has computers that frequently move from one subnet to another or back and forth from wireless to wired network connections (for example, laptops moving from building to building or moving on and off docking stations) or back and forth from wireless to wired network connections (for example, laptops with docking stations).

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