Creating Collections from Applications

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Creating Collections from Applications

The Collection Library and prebuilt collections are great resources for learning how to create your own collections. Additionally, we've provided a means to create a Dynamic Collection based on any installed application. This procedure explains how to create a custom dynamic collection from an application.

NOTE: Enterprise mode required.

To create a collection from an application:

1.On the Main Console, select the All Computers page in the tree, or open a collection page.

2.Select a computer, then click Computer > View Computer Details (or press Ctrl+O or double-click it).

This opens the Computer window.

3.Navigate to the Applications page .

4.Select the desired application from the list.

5.Click New Dynamic Collection.

A new Dynamic Collection window opens using the same name and filter as the application.

6.(Optional) Edit the collection name, description, and filters as needed.

7.Click OK to save it at the top level of the main console tree.

For editing details, see Dynamic Collections.

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