Uninstalling the Agent (BETA)

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Uninstalling the Agent (BETA)

The Agent can be uninstalled in the PDQ Inventory console using the menu. For more information, see Agent (BETA).

WARNING: Uninstalling from the Applications page of the Computer window does uninstall the Agent from the target computer; however, PDQ Inventory will still display the Agent as Unavailable and all scans will be stuck in a pending state. To remedy this, follow the instructions below.

Uninstall an Internal Agent

To uninstall the Internal Agent:

1.On the Main Console, select the All Computers page in the tree, or open a collection page.

2.Select one or more computers and right-click, then click Uninstall Agent (or click Computer > Uninstall Agent (BETA)).

The Agent Status column will display Uninstalling.

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