Edit Columns Window

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Edit Columns Window

Use this page to define how the data is displayed on all Collection pages. These settings affect how all collection results are displayed.

To access the Collection Page settings, click Collection > Customize Collection Page.



Hidden Columns

All Columns not visible in the console, but available to be added.

To move a hidden column to visible, select one or more Hidden Columns and use the Show buttons to move them to the Visible Columns.

Visible Columns

The columns that are visible on the Collection page of the console. This is the official name of the column and cannot be edited. A column name can only be changed under Title.

To hide a column, select one or more Visible Columns and use the Hide buttons to move them to the Hidden Columns.


Column header to be displayed on all Collection pages.

This text can be edited by clicking in the cell, highlighting the existing text, and typing a new title.


If selected, this will anchor the selected column(s) to the left margin on all Collection pages. All selected columns will remain visible at all times while scrolling horizontally through multiple columns on the Collection page.


If selected, the data in this column will be included when printed.

Up and Down Arrows

Use these buttons to change the order of the Visible columns as they will be displayed on all Collection pages and when printing.




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