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CPU Page

The page of the Computer window that shows all CPU/Processors information which is included in the Standard pre-built scan profile.

To show, hide, and move columns, click the Customize this grid button (upper left corner) or right-click the column header and select Edit Columns.




Total Processors

Total physical CPUs (populated sockets).

Total Physical Cores

The number of total CPUs multiplied by the number of physical cores per socket. For example, a system with 2 physical CPUs that have 4 physical cores each would be reported as 8.

Total Logical Cores

Total CPU threads for all physical CPUs. For example, 2 physical CPUs that have 4 cores and 8 threads would be reported as 16 logical cores.

Total Enabled Cores

Total number of physical cores that are enabled.

NOTE: This can be particularly useful for AMD triple-core CPUs that have been unlocked to 4 cores.





Name of the CPU(s) in the system.


Family (generation) information as well as CPU SKU and architecture.

Processor Speed MHz

The base frequency (speed) of the processor.

NOTE: This does not necessarily reflect the current speed, only the specified manufacturer speed.

L2 Cache

The amount of L2 cache provided on the CPU.

L3 Cache

The amount of L3 cache provided on the CPU.


The manufacturer of the CPU.

Physical Cores

The amount of physical cores on each processor.

Logical Cores

The amount of threads (logical cores) on each processor.

Enabled Cores

The total number of physical cores that are enabled.

Asset Tag

An applicable asset tag coded into the BIOS.

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