.NET Installation Preferences Page

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.NET Installation Preferences Page

Computers being scanned by PDQ Inventory require Microsoft .NET Framework (version 4.6.1) or greater be installed. This page in preferences configures whether and how .NET Framework is installed automatically, if needed.

To access the .NET Installation settings, click Options > Preferences (or press Ctrl+Comma) and select .NET Installation in the Preferences window.



Download .NET Now

Downloads the necessary .NET installer 4.6.1 directly from Microsoft's website and places it in the %ProgramData% folder for use when installing.

NOTE: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 can also be manually downloaded here.

.NET Installer File

The path to the installer file used when scanning computers. If you are not using the Download .NET Now button, you can use this path to point to the installer file downloaded separately.

Automatically Install .NET

When checked, .NET will automatically be installed (if needed) before the computer is scanned. Without this enabled, a scan on a computer without .NET will fail. The .NET Installer File, above, must be available for this installation to occur.

NOTE: If this option is not selected, you can choose to install per computer on the Main Console, choose the computer, and then click Computer > Install .NET and Scan. Additionally, this can be done through the Computer window, by clicking Computer > Install .NET and Scan. Installation of .NET using this method is governed by the Install Timeout setting below.

Install Timeout

The timeout used for installing .NET. If the installer takes longer than this time, it will be aborted.

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