PDQ Inventory Features Overview

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PDQ Inventory Features Overview

PDQ Inventory can be used in two license modes: Free and Enterprise. Enterprise mode includes all the benefits of Free, with additional features. The following sections highlight some of the key features available to Free and Enterprise levels.

For a detailed, up-to-date feature comparison of PDQ Inventory modes, see the PDQ Inventory Comparison table on our website at https://www.pdq.com/pdq-inventory/.

NOTE: You can upgrade a free installation of PDQ Inventory to Enterprise at any time by purchasing a license key on our website at https://sales.pdq.com. For details about licensing PDQ Inventory, see Licensing.

For an introduction to PDQ Inventory, see the following video.

VIDEO: Introduction to PDQ Inventory

Intro to PDQ Inventory


Free Mode

The free mode allows unlimited use of a subset of PDQ Inventory features such as:

Collecting hardware and software inventories by scanning manually.

Running prebuilt inventory reports.

Creating dynamic or static collections.

Integrating with PDQ Deploy to deploy to a single computer or to a collection.

Running common admin tools like Remote Desktop, Remote Assist, VNC, and more.

Enterprise Mode

The Enterprise mode license provides access to all PDQ Inventory features including:

Collecting hardware and software inventories by scanning on a schedule.

Automatically syncing PDQ Inventory data with Active Directory changes.

Creating custom items including scan profiles, custom inventory reports, custom admin tools and scripts.

Collecting custom data using Custom Fields.

Running File and Registry scans.

Using the Central Server to share a single database with other PDQ Inventory consoles in your organization.

Creating Auto Reports to run and email inventory reports on defined schedules.

Accessing the Collection Library, a set of prebuilt and up-to-date collections managed by PDQ for many popular applications and runtimes.

Integrating with PDQ Deploy to collect deployment data.

Receiving priority email support from PDQ’s knowledgeable support team.

Importing additional tools from the Tools Library.




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