Working with Collections

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Working with Collections

Collections are groups of computers organized statically or dynamically based on any combination of the following: hardware, software, Windows configuration, registry and file scan results, local user names and groups, computer status, and certain Active Directory information. Collections can be broad, allowing for a general overview of some aspect(s) of the computers in the environment; or they can be highly granular, with complex and specific criteria used to list a limited number of computers.

Collections can be used in conjunction with PDQ Deploy to deploy packages by linking to or selecting collections as targets. Collections can also be used to generate reports and to improve computer management.

This chapter contains the following topics:

Introduction to Collections

The Collection Library

Product Collections in the Library

Navigating the Collection Library

Hiding Collection in the Library

Using the Collection Library

Active Directory Collections

Creating and Editing Collections

Dynamic Collections

Static Collections

Creating Collections by Duplicating

Creating Collections from Reports

Creating Collections from Applications

Managing Collections




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