Network Discovery Exclusions

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Network Discovery Exclusions

Network Discovery is one of the four methods for adding computers to PDQ Inventory.

To access the Network Discovery Exclusions, click Add Computers > Network Discovery and click on Exclusions.



Network Discovery Exclusions

Enables exclusions to be used in the Network Discovery tool.


IP Range

The range of IP addresses that have been excluded.

Subnet / Hostname

The Subnet or Hostname that has been excluded. If a range of IP addresses has been added, this field will display 'n/a'.


Opens the Add Exclusion window which is used to exclude Subnets, a single IP address, or Hostname.

Add IP Range

Opens the Add IP Range Exclusion window which is used to exclude an entire range of IP addresses. The number of IP addresses selected will be displayed at the bottom of the window.


Opens either the Add Exclusion window or the Add IP Range Exclusion window for the selected exclusion.


Deletes the selected exclusion.

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