Creating a Report from a Collection

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Creating a Report from a Collection

You can easily create reports from dynamic collections, eliminating the need to duplicate work. Like collections, reports will only contain data from the last good scan.

For more information see the following video.

VIDEO: Building a Report from a Collection in PDQ Inventory

Report from a Collection


Creating Reports from Collections

You can create PDQ Inventory Reports from any dynamic collection.

To create a report from a dynamic collection:

1.On the main console window tree, select a dynamic collection .

You can select any dynamic collection, including those in Collection Library. Collections that do not contain filters cannot be used to create reports. Complete any of the following to create the report:

Right-click the collection, then select New Report > From Collection.

Using the menu, click Report > New Report > From Collection.

Using the toolbar, click New Report > From Collection.

A new Report window opens with the same name, description, and collection source as the collection it's based on. The new report contains the filter configuration from the collection.

2.Click Save (or press Ctrl+S).

As you progress through the report configuration process, you should periodically save changes.

The new report is added to Reports on the main console tree. You can create custom report folders and move reports in them. For details, see Custom Report Folders.

3.Complete the report configuration, to do the following:

Details (optional): Edit the name and description if needed.

Columns: Add the data you want in the report.

Filters (conditional): Edit the filters if you need to change the filter configuration inherited from the collection.

Auto Reports (optional): Configure auto reports if you want the report to automatically run on schedules (Enterprise mode required).

For configuration details, see Creating Basic Reports.

4.When you are finished configuring your report, click Save (or press Ctrl+S), then close the window.




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