Scan Profiles

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Scan Profiles

Scan profiles consist of one or more scanners and are used by PDQ Inventory to scan customized areas of your network without scanning every component. The use of different scan profiles can result in faster scanning since not all data is collected during every inventory scan.

You can use scan profiles to collect lots of data at once (for example, using the prebuilt Standard profile) or limited data (for example, using the prebuilt Computer Info profile). For details about prebuilt profiles, see Prebuilt Scan Profiles.

You can also create new scan profiles using custom groups of scanners or edit the prebuilt scan profiles. Scan profiles can be set to run on schedules or they can be initiated manually. To create and/or edit a scan profile, click Scan Profiles , select Scan Profiles in the tree, or click Computer > Scan Profiles. For details, see Creating Scan Profiles. (Enterprise mode required to create and edit profiles.)

This section contains the following topics:

Scan Profiles Overview

       Prebuilt Scan Profiles

       Default Scan Profile

Configuring Scan Profiles

       Creating a New Scan Profile

       Managing Scan Profiles





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