Scans Page

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Scans Page

The page of the Computer window that shows all scans that have been performed on the computer by PDQ Inventory.

To show, hide, and move columns, click the Customize this grid button (upper left corner) or right-click the column header and select Edit Columns.




The unique scan ID number as assigned by PDQ Inventory.

Attempted Scan Date

The date and time that the scan was attempted.

Successful Scan Date

The date and time of the last successful scan.


The name of the scan profile.


The current status of the particular scan (if blank, the scan was successful).


How the scan was started: Manual, Schedule, AD Sync, or PDQ Deploy. (PDQ Deploy can be configured to initiate a scan after a deployment).

Scan Console

The PDQ Inventory console that initiated the scan.

Console User

The Console user that initiated the scan.

Scan User

The Scan User used to initiate the scan.

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