Online Package Library Information

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Online Package Library Information

The Package Library can be viewed and browsed from the website, the PDQ Forums, as well as Twitter. Although available online, the library will be primarily accessed through the console, for more information see Package Library in the Console.

The PDQ Deploy Package Library current contents can be viewed in the following ways:


Sort the List

Package Library Forum

Subscribe to Updates

View Package Details

Download packages into PDQ Deploy

Package Library Requests

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The Package Library can be viewed and browsed from the website at


To search for a specific package:

1.Click in the search field and type your search term.

This will narrow the results in the list as you type.

Sort the List

On the PDQ Deploy Package Library Applications web page you can:



Sort by Package Name

Click the column header Package to sort the packages by name.

Sort by Category

Click the column header All Categories to filter the packages by product category (for example, Utilities, Media, or Internet Browsers).

Sort by Popularity

Click the column header Popularity to filter the packages by the amount of downloads into PDQ Deploy.

Sort by License Level

Click the column header for the package available by license:

Free: Free level packages

Enterprise: All Enterprise level packages. Enterprise Trial has access to three (3) packages from this list.

Package Library Forum

You can view the complete list and history of PDQ Deploy packages in the Deploy - Package Library discussion forum at:

When packages are added, modified, or removed, the changes are reflected here. If a package shows as “Unavailable” then chances are that it has been superseded by a later version.

Subscribe to Updates

To subscribe to update made to the Package Library forum, do the following:

1.If you are not already signed in, click Sign In in the navigation bar.

This launches a page to either sign up or sign in using your email address and password.

2.Once logged in, click Follow and choose from either New Articles or New Articles and Comments.

Following the forum will send you emails when new packages are published, or packages are updated.

View Package Details

To view the details of the package, do the following:

1.Click on the package name.

This opens the individual package page. This page includes the name, creation date, date updated, clear description of what the package does and does not do, along with the Vendor, Version, Architecture, Category, and License Level.

NOTE: Enterprise users can also access a curated list of previous (old versions) packages in the Package Library. On the Main Console window tree, click Package Library, then browse to and select the package for the product you need. Under Package Details > Versions is a list of the older packages available. For more details, see Previous Versions of Packages.

Download into PDQ Deploy

To download a package for use with PDQ Deploy do the following:

1.Click on the package name.

This opens the package details page.

2.Click the Download into PDQ Deploy link.

This downloads the package to your downloads folder on your local drive.

3.Open the download.

This launches the PDQ Deploy application, where the package will then be downloaded into the selected repository.

Package Library Requests

To suggest adding a new package to the library, use the Deploy - Package Library Requests discussion forum at:

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All new Package Library updates are posted to our Package Library Twitter page, follow us @packagelibrary to receive all updates.




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