Additional Deployment Verification Features

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Additional Deployment Verification Features

Running an Automatic Inventory Scan After Deployment

Since most deployments involve installing applications, it is a best practice to have PDQ Inventory run scans after deployments to keep its database up-to-date. In PDQ Deploy you can enable the global Scan After Deployment setting in Preferences > Deployments to trigger post-deployment PDQ Inventory scans. Additionally, this can be configured at the package level in the Package Properties window, at the time of deployment in the Deploy Once window, or scheduled in advance in the Auto Deployment edit window as well as Schedules. For more detailed information, see Scanning After Deployment and Scanning in Deployments Preferences.

NOTE: This feature is available only in Enterprise mode and also requires PDQ Inventory in Enterprise mode. If you are running in Client Mode, PDQ Inventory must be installed on the computer running in Server Mode. PDQ Inventory scans computers and collects hardware, software, and Windows configuration data. PDQ Deploy can use this data to create lists of computers that need specific applications or updates for Target Lists, to determine when offline target computers come online (Heartbeat schedules), and wake up offline target computers before deployments (Wake-on-LAN). For more information about PDQ Inventory, see our website at

Receiving a Status Email After Deployments/Schedules

PDQ Deploy can send deployment status email notifications when each deployment or schedule completes (Enterprise mode required). For this feature to work, the PDQ Deploy mail server must be configured in Preferences > Mail Server and a Notifications option must be selected in the Deploy Once window or the Schedule window > Options tab. You can use one of the default notifications or create a custom Post Deployment Notification or Post Schedule Notification in Preferences > Mail Server. Additionally, the email subject and body can contain Custom or System Variables.

NOTE: Notifications are not available in the Deploy Once window or the Schedule window until a least one email recipient has been designated for the specified Post Deployment Notification or Post Schedule Notification. To designate an email recipient, from the Deploy Once window or the Schedule window > Options tab click Edit Notifications.

Verify deployments using PDQ Inventory

Deployments can be further verified using the Application page of PDQ Inventory. The Computer Window in PDQ Inventory can be opened directly from PDQ Deploy by selecting one or more computer names, right-click and select Open in PDQ Inventory. This option is available from the Deployment Status window, All Deployments page, Deployments tab of the Package page, and the Target History tab of the Schedule window. For more information, see PDQ Inventory.

NOTE: This feature is available only in Deploy version 10 or later and also requires PDQ Inventory version 9 or later.




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