Creating and Editing Packages

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Creating and Editing Packages

Before you deploy installs or updates to target computers with PDQ Deploy, you must either download prebuilt ready-to-deploy packages from the Package Library or create custom packages that define what is to be deployed and how. This chapter is about creating and editing your own packages.

Prebuilt ready-to-deploy packages from the Package Library can serve as great references for building your own packages, by duplicating and customizing them. For details, see Downloading Packages from the Package Library.

Once a package is created it can be deployed to target computers or scheduled for later deployment. Packages can also be duplicated, edited, exported and imported, and organized in folders.

This chapter contains the following topics:

Creating a New Package

Part 1: Package Properties

Part 2: Install Step Properties

Part 3: Conditions and Options

Part 4: Adding Command Steps

Part 5: Adding Additional Steps

Managing Packages

Organizing Packages

Duplicating Packages

Exporting and Importing Packages

Editing Packages

Private Packages

Supported Install Files for Custom Packages




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