PDQ Deploy Features Overview

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PDQ Deploy Features Overview

PDQ Deploy can be used in two license modes: Free and Enterprise. Each successive license level includes all the benefits of the preceding level, with additional features, and access to more packages in the PDQ Deploy Package Library. The following sections highlight some of the key features available with each licensing level.


NOTE: You can upgrade a free installation of PDQ Deploy to Enterprise mode at any time by purchasing a license key on our website at https://sales.pdq.com. For details about licensing PDQ Deploy, see Licensing.

Free Mode

The free mode allows unlimited use of a subset of PDQ Deploy features such as:

Access only Free level prebuilt packages in the Package Library.

Deploy to target computers with or without Active Directory.

Deploy single step packages silently on one or more target computers. (Free mode packages are limited to one Install step)

Enterprise Mode

The Enterprise mode license provides access to all PDQ Deploy features including:

Access all prebuilt packages in the Package Library, including old versions (based on current subscription).

Build and deploy multi-step packages.

Utilize custom conditions and other package options.

Run packages from within other packages (nested packages).

Use one PDQ Deploy repository with other Deploy consoles in your organization with Central Server. All packages and deployment histories are seen across all consoles.

Packages from the Package Library can be set to Auto Download new versions as they become available from PDQ. Schedule these same packages to automate Patch Management.

Schedule any package to deploy on your time frame.

Retry deployments automatically to target computers that are offline during initial deployments.

Receive status email notifications when deployments and schedules complete.

Receive priority email support from PDQ’s knowledgeable support team.




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