Registry Entries

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Registry Entries

PDQ Deploy stores license keys, encryption keys, and UI settings in the Windows registry. The registry entries are not removed on uninstall in case the software is reinstalled.

System Registry Keys

User Registry Keys

NOTE: If you move PDQ Deploy to another computer, these registry entries must be duplicated on the new computer in order to maintain your PDQ Deploy settings and system data. For detailed information on this procedure, see Moving PDQ Deploy to a New Computer.

System Registry Keys

The following keys and values are maintained under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM):




HKLM\SOFTWARE\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy

(32-bit systems)


HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy

(64-bit systems)


The folder where PDQ Deploy is installed. This value is needed for other applications to interact with PDQ Deploy.

This value is removed on uninstall.


The Enterprise mode license key, if it has been entered.

The key is stored exactly as it was entered so it can be exported or copied and pasted to a new computer.

Secure Key

One of the keys used to encrypt sensitive information in the database. This key is generated when the system is installed and needs to be copied to the new computer if the database is moved.

IMPORTANT: Our support staff will never ask for this entry.

SOFTWARE\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy Console

Disable Hardware Rendering

Used to troubleshoot issues with .NET GUI rendering on some systems. When the application's windows aren't showing correctly, or at all, create this value as DWORD = 1. This causes PDQ Deploy to use only software rendering which fixes many of these issues.

User Registry Keys

The following keys are maintained under HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU) for each user that uses the software:



HKCU\SOFTWARE\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy Console\UISettings

This key can hold many subkeys which store various values used by the console for a consistent user experience. For example, it can store window sizes & positions, grid column settings, and selected items.

When moving to a new computer you can copy these settings to maintain the UI settings in your console. It can also be deleted to return the console to its default state.

SOFTWARE\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\AutoUpdateChecker

Settings for checking the Alerts automatically when the console starts.




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