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Targets Editor

Used to edit the targets that are in a target list, schedule, or deployment.


Enter Computer Name

To enter individual computer names simply add a computer name and push the Add Computer button. Computer names can only exist once in a list, if the same name is added again it will be skipped.

DNS Lookup

When computers are added to the list they will be looked up to make sure that the names exist on the network. If they cannot be found then a warning icon will be displayed at the right.

Choose Targets and Link To

ChooseTargetsDropdown        TargetsEditor-LinkToDropdown

Choose Targets

Use this drop down to select computer names from external sources such as Active Directory, PDQ Inventory, etc.

Link To

Link To is only available when scheduling a deployment. (i.e. it is not available when you are deploying a package using the Deploy Once window).

Link To differs from Choose Targets in that with Link To you don't choose specific computers as targets but rather you choose their respective external sources.

For example: If you use the Choose Targets drop down to select Target computers from an Active Directory OU called Accounting you would need to choose specific computers under the Accounting OU.

Conversely if you used Link To you would simply choose the Accounting OU as the target (you wouldn't select individual computers). Each time the schedule kicks off the computers that are in the Accounting OU at the time of the deployment would be dynamically added as target computers.

See target lists for more information on linked targets.




Active Directory

Active Directory containers or groups.

PDQ Inventory

PDQ Inventory Collections.


Spiceworks' Groups.

Target List

Target Lists within PDQ Deploy.

Text File (Choose Targets only)

Import computers from a text file.

Linked targets are not available within a deployment, all linked targets are converted into the names of their computers.

Target List

Targets can be removed by clicking the delete button on the right or with the Del key or right-clicking.


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