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Custom Fields Page

The page of the Computer window to view and enter data for available custom fields. Custom fields are useful for entering data you want to track that is not obtained through scanning (for example, asset tag numbers, warranty information, purchase date, etc.). To create custom fields, click Configure Custom Fields, (or click Options > Custom Fields, or press Ctrl+Comma) which will open the Custom Fields window. (Enterprise mode is required to view, create, and edit Custom Fields.)

Within the Custom Fields page of the Computer window, each custom field will be listed along with its value. To edit the value, click the Value field.

Custom Fields can also be imported directly from a .csv file. Click on Import Wizard and choose the import file to be used. For instructions, see Custom Fields Import Wizard. For importing instructions using the Command Line, see this knowledge base article.

NOTE: This page is available to computers even if Allow Scan has been disabled.

You can view more information about Custom Fields in the following video.

VIDEO: Custom Fields in PDQ Inventory

Custom Fields


To show, hide, and move columns, click the Customize this grid button (upper left corner) or right-click the column header and select Edit Columns.

Selection or Column



Configure Custom Fields

Launches Options > Custom Fields where you can create new Custom Fields

Import Wizard

Launches the Import Wizard to import data from a .csv file.

Custom Field

The name given to the item.


The value entered by the user for this item. To enter a value, double-click this field.  Values are saved automatically. Entry varies as follows:

Dates and times are entered manually or with a date picker. Displayed as M/D/YYYY or M/D/YYYY h:mm AM/PM (defined in the console computer's region settings for short date and short time).

Integers are entered manually or with a numeric stepper (up to 2,147,483,647).

Text can contain any character.

True/False is entered with a checkbox to indicate true when checked.


The type of custom item: Date, Date & Time, Integer, Text, or True/False (hidden by default).

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