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Processes Page

The page of the Computer window that shows the currently running processes on the target computer. Processes on the computer can be killed from this page (see Killing a Process).

To show, hide, and move columns, click the Customize this grid button (upper left corner) or right-click the column header and select Edit Columns.



Image Name

The name of the process source (for example, the system or a .EXE).


The process ID number.


The percent of CPU utilization by the process.

Memory Usage

The amount of memory used by the process.

User Name

The user the process is running under.

Base Priority

The priority of the process in numeric format, ranging from 0 (lowest priority) to 31 (highest priority) (hidden by default).

CPU Time

The amount of processor time, in seconds, used by a process since it started (hidden by default).

Handle Count

The total number of (Executive) object handles open by the process (hidden by default).

Page Faults

The number of times the process has reloaded pages from the page file (hidden by default).

Peak Memory Usage

The highest amount of memory used by the process since it started (hidden by default).

Thread Count

The number of threads running in the process (hidden by default).

Killing a Process

To kill a process, select it, then click the Kill selected processes button .

IMPORTANT: Killing a process can cause unexpected results. The process will be terminated without being allowed to save any data. Please proceed with caution.

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