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Scanners are small programs that PDQ Inventory copies to, and execute on, target computers during a scan to gather inventory data from the targets. Scanners report the information back to PDQ Inventory, which records this information in the inventory database.

The information gathered by scanners (hardware, software, Windows configuration data, files, user and group information, and certain Active Directory data) can be viewed in the Computer window and in reports. PDQ Inventory uses this data to create collections and is available for you in creating custom collections to easily find computers with particular attributes.

Scanners are sent to target computers inside of Scan Profiles. Scan Profiles may contain one or more scanners depending on your needs. You can edit a prebuilt profile or create your own (Enterprise mode required). For details, see Prebuilt Scan Profiles and Creating Scan Profiles.

Free mode can scan using the prebuilt Standard scan profile but cannot create or edit scan profiles. PDQ Inventory includes many scanners that you can use in scan profiles, of which only the Files & Directories, PowerShell, Registry, and WMI scanners are customizable.

This section contains the following topics:

Scanner Details

Files & Directories Scanner

PowerShell Scanner

Registry Scanner

WMI Scanner




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