Package Library Overview

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Package Library Overview

The Package Library provides prebuilt packages of free, commonly used applications. The packages are created and maintained by Admin Arsenal for use with PDQ Deploy. The packages include a default set of configuration options and the necessary install files needed to silently install an application on target computers using PDQ Deploy. Our ready-to-deploy packages reduce your need to build packages for these common free applications. Admin Arsenal updates and tests the deployments of new packages as application updates are released and then makes them available in the Package Library.

NOTE: Access to the Package Library depends on your license level. For details, see Licensing.

In PDQ Deploy, it’s easy to import packages to your console machine. Prebuilt packages can be duplicated and customized so they also serve as great references for building your own packages. For details, see Importing Prebuilt Packages from the Package Library.

Note: If you need custom packages for licensed software installs and updates, you can create your own packages. For details, see Creating and Editing Packages.

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This chapter contains the following topics:

Viewing the Package Library

Sorting the Package Library

Sorting The Package Library in PDQ Deploy

Sorting The Package Library on the Web

Additional Package Library Information

Package Library Forum

Package Library Request




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