Sharing Package Resources

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Sharing Package Resources

In Enterprise mode, PDQ Deploy allows you to share your deploy packages with other administrators who belong to the same PDQ Deploy license. You can also choose to access shared packages from other PDQ Deploy administrators who belong to the same Enterprise license.

IMPORTANT: Sharing is permitted only between activated administrator accounts (Enterprise Activation) on an Enterprise license. It is recommended that both databases use the same version of PDQ Deploy to avoid any incompatibility.

IMPORTANT: Once a console has permitted sharing and then turned off sharing in Preferences, it can take over an hour for the other administrator accounts to no longer view the shared data.

For information on Enterprise Activation, see the following video.

VIDEO: Multi User in PDQ Deploy Enterprise


PDQ Deploy supports selective sharing so that administrators can enable sharing only on specific consoles in the enterprise. Within a shared console, the local administrator can also manage which folders or packages are shared.

If you choose to access other administrators’ shared packages, the shared database, shared folders, and shared packages display in the PDQ Deploy console tree in Shared Databases as follows:


If the administrators' database that you are accessing is using a different version of PDQ Deploy, it may have compatibility issues. The warning(s) will be displayed in the Shared Databases as follows:

This chapter outlines how to enable package sharing between administrators who belong to the same Enterprise license and how to manage which folders and packages are shared in your console.

Enabling Package Sharing in PDQ Deploy Console

Managing Shared Packages

VIDEO: Sharing Between Multiple PDQ Sysadmins





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