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PDQ Deploy is a tool for remotely deploying software to multiple computers simultaneously.

It saves time and effort by allowing administrators to install software (or uninstall, repair, or make many different types of changes) across their network without the tedium of remote controlling each computer individually or *gasp* walking to each computer.

Administrators create Package definitions and then easily Deploy them to any computer on their network.

License Key

PDQ Deploy runs in Free or Pro Mode. A license key is required to run in Pro Mode, but Free Mode will always be available to all users.


Over the years we've learned that the biggest problem with remote deployments is that when an error occurs is can be difficult to track down the cause and solution. PDQ Deploy is built with this in mind. Any problem that occurs is analyzed and helpful advice is given to you to keep your deployments running smoothly. This software does it's best to never "leave you hanging."

One of the most important tools we created is the Remote Repair Utility which will diagnose and correct most of the problems preventing remote deployment. With its help you should be able to avoid the most common pitfalls that trap remote administrators.

Support and Feedback

We hope you enjoy using PDQ Deploy. Please visit our forums if you have any questions or comments. We aim to respond to customer requests as quickly as possible, and it is your feedback which will guide future development.

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