Scanning Preferences Page

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Scanning Preferences Page

General settings for inventory Scanning.

To access the Scanning settings page, click Options > Preferences (or press Ctrl+Comma) and select Scanning in the Preferences window.



Offline Status

The settings that determines how offline computers are handled at the time of a scan.


Ping before scanning

Performs a ping (ICMP echo) to all addresses returned by DNS before attempting the scan of the first to respond. If the target does not respond to the ping within 2 seconds, then the scan is not attempted on that target.

NOTE: Heartbeat and Ping before scanning now tests multiple addresses in name resolution by default. See Preferences > Network for details regarding heartbeat.

Enabling this option can increase the overall speed of the scan because PDQ Inventory doesn't waste time with offline computers. When this is not selected, PDQ Inventory attempts the scan regardless of the online or offline status of the computer, which may result in offline errors. This is the default setting.

NOTE: Typically, the ping should take only a few milliseconds. However, if your DNS isn’t solid, your network is experiencing latency issues, or your computers have multiple addresses in DNS, then the ping response may take more than 2 seconds. 

Send Wake-on-LAN and attempt scan

Uses Heartbeat to determine if a computer is online. Attempts the scan then sends a Wake-on-LAN to offline computers. The scan is attempted again if it comes online. After 5 minutes if the computer is still offline, the scan will be attempted anyway.

The advantage of this feature is that offline computers can immediately be made available for scanning. However, it can increase scan times.

NOTE: This feature uses distributed Wake-on-LAN that is available only in Enterprise mode. Distributed means WOL packets can be initiated in different subnets and VLANs without requiring border devices to allow those WOL packets. Additionally, PDQ Inventory must have the MAC address of the computer's NICs.

For a demonstration of Wake-on-LAN, see the following video.

Video: Wake-on-LAN in PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy

Wake-on-LAN in PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy


Auto Cleanup

Specifies the age of the scan log entry before a cleanup is performed. Setting this to 0 will disable the auto cleanup. The default is 14 days.

Scan log entries can be found in the Scan Status window located by clicking the xx Computers Scanning link on the main console Status Bar. Scan Status indicates the Running scans (if a scan is being performed) and Failed scans for either the current scan or previous scans. Setting the Auto Cleanup dictates the length of time the Failed Scans data is retained.

NOTE: This setting does not affect data returned from any scan.

View current Scan Users

Launches Options > Credentials.

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