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Welcome to PDQ Deploy

PDQ Deploy is a software deployment tool that allows system administrators to silently install almost any application or patch to multiple Windows computers simultaneously.

PDQ Deploy saves time and effort by enabling administrators to easily install, uninstall, update, repair, or make many other types of changes across the network without remote logins or physically walking to each target computer.

Using PDQ Deploy, administrators may create custom deployment packages and deploy them to any target computer on their network. For convenience and ease-of-use, administrators can also use more than 150 ready-to-deploy packages of popular free software from the PDQ Deploy Package Library. All prebuilt packages are up-to-date and tested to ensure silent deployment, removal of unnecessary add-ons (for example, toolbars), and where possible, removal of auto updates.

NOTE: Access to the Package Library depends on your license level. For details about licensing, see the PDQ Deploy Licensing Mode Comparison table.

For an introduction to PDQ Deploy, see the following video:

VIDEO: Introduction to PDQ Deploy


This chapter contains the following topics:

PDQ Deploy Overview

PDQ Deploy Features Overview

Free Mode

Enterprise Mode


Subscription Overview

PDQ Deploy Licensing Mode Comparison

License Window

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